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HappyWulf's Journal
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Wednesday, March 17th, 2010
4:17 am
Last year's resolution
I has a Driver's License.
Friday, February 12th, 2010
9:51 am
Monday, September 7th, 2009
8:55 pm
New TMBG Album
It is quite awesome. Yes, it's for kids, but it's all sciency and stuff. And hey, it's They Might Be Giants, they're catchy. Anyways, I got a couple things here I wanted to share.

The first is a music video from that album that calls out creationists in the first 20 seconds. And it makes me smile. ^.^

The second is another music video from the same album that's just too damn cute for words.

Finally, from this 2nd video I snagged 2 screen grabs.

This one I clipped out for myself, it's my Steam icon right now.
TMBG Fag Wuff

This one I clipped out for relee who's been hanging out in my Vent server and have been playing some Demigod recently together.
TMBG Squirrel
Thursday, August 20th, 2009
1:36 am
My 2009-2010 games Wishlist
Just got, and beat, Shadow Complex! I'll probably play though it again on a harder difficulty and try to 100% it with a good time. High scores on that leader board are gonna make Metroid Speed Runners cry.
Anyways, my picks for this upcoming holiday season and early next year. The whos the whats and the whys, in no particular order.

Global Agenda (PC)
FPS MMO to take over where Planet Side has been getting a wee bit out dated. Looks very promising

Scribblenaughts (NDS)
An amazingly awesome concept that looks to pull it off well... tell the game what you want to use to complete a level or puzzle, and it'll spawn it. ANYTHING. Yes, even RickRoll.

Natural Selection 2 (PC)
Already pre-ordered, awaiting for Alpha access. Classic Alien vs Marine setting with RTS elements.

Darkest of Days (PC)
New FPS where you play a time traveler doing time travel stuff. Nice looking theme and settings, got the demo, haven't tried it yet. Will soon.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 (360)
Amazing looking Action/Strategy. With some TBA MMO-ish multi-player stuffs thrown in.

Lost Planet 2 (360)
Have you seen the videos for this? Seriously? It's like, a Sci-Fi Monster Hunter man! Day 1 purchase, right here.

Mass Effect 2 (360)
Need I say more? Give. Now. Space opera RPG with more personality then Billy Maye's dead left thumb.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (NDS)
I'm not a Square-fanboy. I do give credit to where good games earn them.

Borderlands (360/PC)
Fallout-ish RPG. But this time it controls more like a FPS, headshots count as crits, all hits count. Only the actual damage dealt is determined by character skill and stats. 4-player multi-player, with 4 branching 'talent tree' classes

Realy good looking RTS which forces you to play with the hand you were dealt, and work with mis-information as your main weapon.

Monster Hunter 3 (Wii)
I will buy a Wii for this. I just hope there's no need for shitty ass 'Friend codes'. It's my favorite franchise. You take a mission to kill a dragon, you go kill said dragon. Take 3 buddies with you in multi-player, and the battles can last up to a half an hour or more if you fight some truly hard stuff, just to kill 1 beast. It's epic, rewarding, and will give you the greatest thrill of accomplishment when you DO kill that nasty mother.

The maybe list:

Alpha Protocol (360, PC)
Looks like some good RPG style spy thriller. I'll give it a try.

Heroes of Newerth (Beta plz?) (PC)
+1 DotA remake. I own Demigod, and tried the LoL beta... I wanna test drive this one so I can formulate a final opinion on this trilogy.

Metroid Prime Trilogy (Wii)
When I get a Wii for Monster Hunter 3, I'll pick this up too.
Monday, April 20th, 2009
7:04 pm
I feel like I almost died today.
Now that I finally have insurance I went to the hospital today to have a Bone Scan of my whole body, so we can see what can be done about my aching back and neck. I went with my mum, and when we got there, the car stopped working. Some guy helped us push it into a parking spot and then I went off to find out which building to go to for my appointment.
It was a hot day today, and I spent a little while going between buildings looking for where my thing was gonna be. Anyway, I got checked in, waited in the lobby for a bit, signed some wavers and stuff.
When I went in to get my shot of radiation for my bone scan, it took less then a minute after pulling out the needle for me to go flashing hot, faded vision, weakness, and white-face. They said my lips were bone white. And, I had a blood pressure lower then 40. As I sat there and felt faint, they watched me like a hawk. The most disturbing thing about it was the blindness. You know how you play a FPS that has no HP meter, but instead has red or blood splatters that creeps in on the edges of the screen when you get hit and/or are near death? Well it was exactly like that, except it was gray creeping in on me, and not red. It even had a weird splatter pattern on it.
It took about another 5-10 minutes of feeling like I was back outside in the strange California heatwave, and of near-blindness before I started feeling normal again. They'd brought in a stretcher and gave me Orange Juice with salt in it. I lay and drank as I recovered.
I was instructed to drink a lot of fluids, and come back in 3 hours for the actual scan. So we went across the street and had some chicken for lunch. I stepped outside and left a short message on Fuzzy's cell, telling him what happened. Only then did I feel scared for myself and feel water in my eyes. Which, I guess is a good way to have it, since I'd rather be worried about something at a point of reflection, rather then panicking as it was happening.

Edit: The doctor told me it was a reaction the the actual needle/shot, and not what was injected. Just, fyi.

Current Mood: relieved
Tuesday, March 17th, 2009
10:42 am
OMG! Pilot of a deadly machine!
I went to the DMV yesterday for my written driving test. I passed! >.< I missed only 3, out of a possible 6 to still pass. One of the ones I missed was the legal blood/alcohol toxicity. Because the part of the DMV book really didn't concern me I only skimmed it. >.>
Anyways, I now have the learning permit thingy mo bob! And I have a whole f-in year to actually go back and get an official license. But of course I'll likely get it much sooner. So um, yeah.

Oh! also, unrelated. I pre-ordered the new Depeche Mode album! Yeah, queer fag bought music. But I got the thing where I automatically get delivered all their new remixes as well. =3
Sunday, March 1st, 2009
10:38 am
So as I was going home last night and cashing my check, I decided to say Hi to my buddy who works at the next door Target.
So right to the point here, I was told by security that they saw me walking my bike past the front door of the store, and after I walked into the store, they saw some old hairy bum walking away from the store, with my bike. =p
Being the usual me, I'm not too upset about it. (Since what is being upset gonna get me, really?) It was a fairly cheap bike too so I'm not freaking out about it.
Oh well. I just wanted to put that down.
Sunday, January 11th, 2009
6:55 pm
It's resting.
Woah! I don't post enough. And I should.
So any-who. Yesterday I turned 29. I'm such a gray-muzzle. I didn't do much other then work almost 2 hours of overtime at work. But that's not a bad thing! I enjoy it and it's interesting and I'm working with good people. On the way home I enjoyed a quiet dinner to myself at Sizzler, and went to bed early once home.
Today me and my mom hung out for about 5 hours. We went tough about a Dozen pages of www.failblog.org a couple stories on Reddit, and then went out food shopping after getting myself a haircut to look all clean and pretty again. ^.^ Then when we got back I showed her an episode of The IT Crowd, and another episode of Heros, season 2. Oh! And I got a new Terry Pratchett book too. It was almost free since I had a coupon left over from Xmas.
I just phoned Kevin that I'm free to hang out at his gaming night party, so I'll be going to do that soon. Fuzzy is feeling tired and couldn't go. I hope he's alright. *hugs*
Aaanyways, I'm doing well. I'm well fed. I'm living in an Asian lady's house now, I'm renting a room for $500 a mo. and it's all nice and clean here. I have a nice set up in my room. People can come visit and we can watch stuff on my computer monitor from a comfortable Couch/Futon. I even have a mini-fridge. =3
My Podcast is gathering some dust as a new episode hasn't been recorded in a couple months, but not due to a lack of trying. So I've been asking a few gamer fur friends if they'd be interested in being a co-host from time to time. Right now it looks like Sundays are my best bet for recording a show, if I'm not doing anything else in the middle of the day. So if any of you know me and have been wondering about it, It's not dead... It's resting.
As it is now, I think that's about it for the current state of things. Please pester me if I go too long between posts again.

Current Mood: content
Monday, September 8th, 2008
4:55 pm
I love Geometry Wars!
I love me a good SHMUP! So here's my Geometry Wars 2 high scores courtasy of this handy little XBL tool I found.
Go to http://www.mygamercard.net/ and generate a card using the Geometry Wars 2 Theme, and lets strive to beat each other's scores!

Also, I got a great art piece as well... Partial nudity ahead: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1535028/

Oh and one last thing! I'm movin' back to CA in a week! It's a Journal thing here, I guess it'd make sense to write it down.
Sunday, August 31st, 2008
2:11 am
Furry Left 4 Dead server
As some people would know, I'm very much looking forward to the Zombie Survival Co-Op game, Left 4 Dead. So, I just put this together, figuring it'd be wise to get an early jump on things and would allow for extra time to build a vault for better discounted priced server packages.
Have a look, give it some thought, and if you would like to support my cause, Donate!
Alt Link: http://www.amazon.com/paypage/P6R6BIXQHO9N6

Amazon Honor System

Click Here to Pay
Learn More

Thursday, May 29th, 2008
2:16 am
Quiet Village - Utopia
Link first: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQvGWQ04LfY

Fast forward to time 3:15.
My mom gave me that song when I was just a little kid. And today as I was just randomly looking through iTunes for some instrumental blipy electronic music I decided to randomly click on this artist, Quiet Village. Some of the more popular songs in the album sounded kinda neat, so I went to YouTube to find some fan montage videos like this one for some extended examples of the music.
Then this song started playing. And it only took a few seconds to click, since I'd listened to this song nearly every night as a little kid as I'd go to sleep on my only-top-bunk raised bed. I immediately bought the album with some of the credit from the gift cards my Mom got me when she sent me my new iPod, which I keep with me all the time. ^.^
So..... how much of a random chance of this encounter was this? The song was apparently only available as a Single way back in the day, and only just recently got re-released on this album. And the song it'self, Utopia, is barely even rated at all, no popularity to speak of. Yet it got used in that video, which made me remember it and go get it.

Also, expect FGC Ep.3 in the next couple of days. =3 Likely no big story this week, just a lot of things that've been going on, and coming out.... Unless I go on a tangent about WarHammer Online.
Planned are some MMO talk, PA's new game, retro remakes, and maaaybe something special. Otherwise I might get to the special thing in Ep.4. Also, starting now, until we get on a bigger server to host the feed, old episodes will be getting deleted to make room for the new episodes. However, the video versions of the shows will always be available on Vimeo.com

Current Mood: peaceful
Monday, May 19th, 2008
2:28 pm
We did another one! Amd I think it sounds a lot better, and we're overflowing with content. We wanted to do so much more and just didn't have time. So I have high hopes for this and cant wait to hear some more feedback!

Link: https://happywulf.solidcasts.com/xml/download/1415/audio/3298/FGCep002.mp3
This week we talk about GTA4, SecuraROM and copy protection, the new Banjo Kazooie, Spore, R-Type Command, and a little tangent about Civ, and Modding Mass Effect.

You can also subscribe to it over iTunes, just do a search for 'Furry GameCast'

Podcast feed: Subscribe
Podcast feed: Subscribe
Friday, May 9th, 2008
12:10 pm
Starting a internet talk show.
Well, I've posted this everywhere else but here so far. ^.^ My poor neglected LJ.
Anyways, I started to do the show I've been wanting to do for a while.
Show here: http://www.vimeo.com/974672
We've already gotten a lot of good suggestions, and the next show should be a lot better in quality. You can leave comments there, here, or my e-mail.
It's about an hour long show, right what I was looking for in length. And the audio quality for this episode is crappy, so don't worry, I already know about that. And tell some friends about it if you like it! I needs an audience.
Show: http://www.vimeo.com/974672

Edit: Got it up as an MP3, 50mb. Remember, the audio sucks. We'll do better next time.
Sunday, January 27th, 2008
4:02 am
Garfied, un-funny made halarious
You MUST see this... It's a play-list so watch as many as you can stand, but at least try to make it to the Jurassic Park themed one.

Monday, January 14th, 2008
6:18 pm
Contest, need ideas. MUST win.
Ok, so website www.kotaku.com occasionally has these contests where you take a picture of something that you've made or done and send them in to try to win something.
Well, today's contest has a prize that I simply MUST win. It's a special copy of Culdcept Saga for the 360, plus a Poser and sound track.
It's a game that I've loved for years, I discovered it on my own, no one else had to tell me about how cool and fun it is. The game is essentially Monopoly: The Gathering.

Now, the contest itself is to simply make a game-related sign, and put it up outside your house, take a picture of it and send it in. Does anyone have some interesting ideas that could help me out? In fact, I just thought of one while typing this. Can anyone else help me brain storm some more?
Tuesday, January 8th, 2008
10:59 am
In 2 days, I'll be another year older. I'm not expecting much, since it's so close to xmas that I never get a spectacular b-day event.
However, this year is a bit significant. This'll be the first DECADE since my first con, CF9 which was Jan 15th only an extra 5 days after my birfday. The thing I remember the most from that entire con was Cataroo's 2 minute quick rough sketch of a smiling happy wuff for me. Just because I told her it'd just been my birthday and this was my first con. Could someone tell Cataroo for me that that's been my best first con memory for the last 10 years? ^.^
Monday, January 7th, 2008
1:22 pm
Dream Journal
Last night I had a fairly vivid dream, which I also for once in a rare time I remember quite well!
As far as I can remember it started with me in a rather nice house that seems to have been under ownership of my mom. We were looking at the blueprints for the house seeing where to build in a new bedroom for me. It was a small, but nice looking house. but when I was walking around it it seemed to have an extra room or hallway completely going around it thats wasn't seen in the blueprint. So, I'm in a outlook area in this outer area, and I'm looking out over the landscape, which is a cove with a lake that opens up into the ocean, with hilly land on either side of where it opens up into the ocean. So as I'm looking at this scene, I see a Brontosaurus appear over the side of the hill to the right of the cove. And as I'm watching, it stands low to the ground and is reaching around with it's neck popping people into it's mouth and chowing down. So now it;'s rampaging through a small town lower down on the hill and it walks closer up, but passes by the house. But then more creatures start showing up and rampage in other areas across my view from the house. At some point I notice this penguin shaped bird thing with a yellow belly waddling and floating in this direction, knocking panicking people over as it goes. And it gets closer as it become apparent it's gonna crash into the house as it floats along. So, it does, breaking through the window I was looking through, but the rubble slows it down and I think it floats away after recovering it's senses because I don't see it again after that. So I run outside and theres a tree in the yard. And theres this little fox-cat thing in the branches and I reach out to it and it kinda shys away. I call to it and it comes back and says something about it doesn't know where it is. I offer it a home with me and it agrees. It also had this frill over it's head that opens up behind it's ears which allowed it to glide. So after the initial commotion we go back inside and since theres still things rampaging in town we close up the rest of the house, put bolts on the doors, use electronically locked doors (HL2 says they are imposable to bust open!) and just outside these locked doors, for some reason theres these poles with lines between them, like what you'd see to direct lines waiting for a ticket at a movie theater. So we get all locked in and don't hear from the rampage outside again after that. The cat-fox thing took some time to explore it's new home. I think it was blue in color, and it's head frill, which you could only see when it was gliding was an orange-red color. I also cant remember if it had wings... no, It had membranes like a flying squirrel, yes thats what it had. So after some time we sit down and have breakfast. We see another one of the cat-fox things and this one if pink with a blue head thing when it's gliding. So after that, I kinda don't remember any more about that part of my dream, and suddenly I remember being in this room with a guy who's bouncing a ball off a wall with a bat, and he hits a small button on the wall after a few hits and opens up these jail cells that line both sides of the small cramped room. And a bunch of guys wearing black and white striped jail jumpsuits run out, and I run up and shut the doors to 2 of the cells and pull a leaver to re-seal them, but a bunch of robbers from 2 other cells all run out the front door. The guy that was bouncing the ball off the wall is passed out on the ground, trampled by the escapees. Since he's a moron I locked his head up to a pipe on the ground somehow with a padlock.
Finally, the scene switches again and I'm in this building with high windows, a couple other people, and not many other features then that aside from a shelf with a few boxes here and there. I hear some rumblings and weird noises then theres a large rumble and I look up at one of the high windows and theres a dome of bright light growing over the tops of some buildings and the nuclear explosion grows and I stand there and whisper something and then bright flash and then I wake up.
Friday, December 14th, 2007
3:42 am
Merry Christmas! A Special carol for you.
One of my favorite Christmas songs. Actually my most favorite Christmas song. This is an old OLD clip from the 80's Claymation Christmas that I remember watching when it aired for the first time.

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007
10:22 pm
Repost of madness!
Just because I had to re-upload this, with a real embed link. ^.^
Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007
5:31 pm
Ratatouie = A Must See
Ratatouie was a Triple-A movie! No less then what you'd expect from Pixar. It was longer then I expected too, 2 hours at least. I say this because I bet most people are gonna go see Transformers even though they expect a disappointment.

Also, just before going to the theater we had about an hour of time to burn, so we played some Video Poker at a place across the streets. I won a $100 payout after a $10 buy in on a 25 cent bet. (4 Aces and a low kicker)

Also also, the ending credits had some traditional animation with rats in it, and I IMMEDIATELY thought of Grimal while watching it.

Go see it!!!
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